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Barrie Criminal Defence Lawyers

Pyzer Criminal Lawyers is one of the leading criminal law firms serving Barrie and the surrounding areas. With hundreds of cases won, defending some of the toughest criminal cases, we will fight for your rights regardless of the size of your case.
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Best Rated Criminal Lawyers in Barrie

Pyzer Criminal Lawyers, a trusted and respected Criminal Law Firm, is dedicated to providing skilled legal representation in Barrie. If you're in search of an experienced and compassionate criminal lawyer, look no further. Our firm's extensive experience, thorough preparation and unwavering determination have resulted in the successful acquittal of hundreds of clients, enabling them to overcome their cases without a criminal record. We leave no stone unturned in our relentless pursuit to ensure that you are not convicted in a court of law.
Our firm specializes in a number of criminal law practice areas, including Bail, Assault, Domestic Assault, Sexual Assault, Drug Offences, Fraud, Theft, DUI, Robbery, Murder, and more. Call us today at (416) 658-1818 for a free case evaluation by an experienced criminal law firm, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when needed.
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Our team of criminal lawyers is renowned throughout the courthouses in Barrie and the surrounding areas for its:
We leave no stone unturned when it comes to preparing your case. We review all the information, double-check the sources, and corroborate all the data to make sure that you get the best possible result
We ensure that you know what’s happening and when it’s happening. We keep you informed every step of the way so you can understand the charges against you and the results we are seeking
We’re determined to get results that can help you get back to normal. We bring to the table a wealth of experience and knowledge, and fight tirelessly to help you overcome adversity
We’ve handled hundreds of criminal cases and we have a proven successful track record. However, you’re not just a number for us. We treat your defence with the same determination we would have if we were defending our own family or friends.

Criminal Charges We Fight

Before proceeding with any legal matter, seeking guidance from an experienced lawyer who can provide personalized advice tailored to your unique circumstances is crucial. At Pyzer Criminal Lawyers, our team understands the significance of building a robust defence strategy and follows through. We offer complimentary case evaluations and consultations throughout Ontario, providing you with the opportunity to benefit from our strategic expertise.

By taking advantage of these services, you can gain access to the trusted and respected legal representation necessary to secure the strong defence you deserve. Remember, seeking legal counsel early in the process can greatly impact the result of your case. Don't hesitate to contact Pyzer Criminal Lawyers for compassionate and dedicated assistance.


According to the Canadian Criminal Code (Section 265), assault is defined as intentionally applying force to another person without their consent, or attempting or threatening to do so. It could also include causing someone to believe that force will be applied to them imminently. Assault charges can range from simple assault, which involves minor physical harm or the threat of harm, to aggravated assault, for accusations of more serious injuries or the use of a weapon. There are numerous defences available to such charges, for example, consent or self-defence. It is important that skilled legal counsel help you if you are charged.

Domestic Assault

Domestic assault refers to acts of violence that occur within domestic or familial relationships. It involves the intentional application of force on a family member, spouse, or partner without their consent, or attempting or threatening to do so. The laws in Canada are supposed to deal with the unique dynamics and vulnerabilities within these relationships for protection for alleged victims, but the complications often prejudice the person charged. However, there are rights and defences for the person charged that should be brought forward by qualified lawyers to protect the accused.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault, as defined in the Canadian Criminal Code (Section 271), encompasses any non-consensual sexual activity, including unwanted touching, sexual penetration, or sexual acts carried out without the explicit consent of the other person. Sexual assault laws in Canada emphasize the importance of consent, which must be voluntary, ongoing, and given by someone with the capacity to provide consent. The Criminal Code also recognizes specific offences such as sexual assault with a weapon, aggravated sexual assault, and sexual assault causing bodily harm. As such offences are being prosecuted more aggressively, qualified legal defence is essential.


According to the Canadian Criminal Code (Section 380), fraud involves deceiving someone for personal gain or causing them to suffer a loss. It includes actions such as false representations, deceit, or misleading statements, which are used to trick someone into giving up money, property, or services. Fraud charges can cover various types of fraudulent activities, including identity theft, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, and investment scams. A skilled defence lawyer can successfully defend such charges through various aspects such as intention and documentation.

Impaired Driving/DUI

Impaired driving, sometimes known as driving under the influence (DUI), is addressed in the Canadian Criminal Code (Section 320.14 & 320.15). It refers to operating a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol, drugs, or refusing tests, or a combination of these. The Code sets specific blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits, and impaired driving offences might include impaired driving causing bodily harm or death. To fight both the charges and the risk of strict penalties and enforcement measures, experienced defence lawyers will help with the various technical and factual issues, as well as defend the Charter rights of those charged.


Robbery is defined in the Canadian Criminal Code (Section 343) as theft or attempted theft accompanied by violence or the threat of violence. The prosecution must establish the use of force, intimidation, or coercion to take someone's property against their will. Robbery charges are generally more severe than theft charges due to the added accusations of violence or the threat of violence. Forceful defence through experienced legal counsel on your side is effective.


Murder, as defined in the Canadian Criminal Code (Section 229), is the most serious criminal charge in Canada. It involves unlawfully causing the death of another person. Murder charges can be divided into different degrees, such as first-degree murder, which involves premeditation or specific circumstances outlined in the Code, and second-degree murder, which involves intentional killing without premeditation. The prosecution’s zeal in such cases makes it essential for a fully qualified defence counsel.


Drug offences in Canada are governed by various sections of the Canadian Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. These offences can include possession, production, trafficking, or distribution of controlled substances. The severity of drug charges depends on factors such as the type and quantity of drugs involved. The legislation attempts to address drug accusations with a combination of penalties, rehabilitation programs, and “harm reduction” strategies, so having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side to strongly defend you through various technical and factual means is very important.

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We are the best criminal lawyers in Barrie, and our clients can attest to that.

Barrie Criminal Courthouse(s)

Pyzer Criminal Lawyers offers virtual consultations in Barrie. Our team can meet with you virtually or at the following courthouse:
Barrie Courthouse
75 Mulcaster St. Barrie ON L4M 3P2
Provincial Offences Offices
45 Cedar Pointe Dr, Barrie ON L4N 5R7

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We offer effective and affordable legal representation for those who live within the following postal codes: L4M, L4N, L9J, L9X
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Barrie, Ontario, Canada

About Barrie, ON

Barrie is a city located in the province of Ontario, Canada. Situated on the shores of Lake Simcoe, it is known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant community. With a population of approximately 150,000 residents, Barrie offers a mix of urban amenities and natural beauty.

The city boasts a thriving arts and culture scene, with numerous galleries, theatres, and music venues. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a range of activities such as hiking, biking, and boating in the nearby scenic areas. Barrie also features a variety of shopping and dining options, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

Things to Do In and Around Barrie

Questions About Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in Barrie

How much does a criminal lawyer cost in Barrie?

The cost of hiring a criminal lawyer in Barrie can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the case, the lawyer's experience and reputation, and the amount of time and resources required for your defence. It is important to note that legal fees can be charged in different ways, such as hourly rates, fixed fees, or a combination of both.

What should I do if I am arrested or contacted by law enforcement?

To find a good lawyer in Barrie, consider the following steps:

  • Seek recommendations: Ask friends, family, or colleagues if they have any personal recommendations for reputable lawyers they have worked with in Barrie.
  • Research online: Use online directories, legal websites, and review platforms to find lawyers in Barrie. Look for lawyers who specialize in the relevant area of law and have positive client reviews.
  • Schedule consultations: Arrange initial consultations with potential lawyers to discuss your case and assess their expertise, communication style, and compatibility with your needs.
  • Consider experience and specialization: Look for lawyers with extensive experience and a focus on the particular area of law related to your case. Specialized knowledge can be valuable in navigating complex legal matters.

Can a lawyer beat the charges or keep you out of jail?

A lawyer can significantly impact the outcome of your case and work towards throwing the charges out or avoiding a jail sentence. They will use their legal expertise to build a strong defence strategy, challenge the prosecution's evidence, defeat the charges, negotiate plea deals, present mitigating factors, and advocate for alternatives to incarceration. Ultimately, a lawyer's role is to protect your rights and seek the most favourable resolution you are entitled to.

What should I do if I am arrested or contacted by law enforcement?

If you are arrested or contacted by law enforcement, it is important to remember the following steps:

  1. Stay calm: Remain calm and respectful when interacting with law enforcement officers. Cooperate by providing only necessary identification information, but avoid volunteering any statements or comments.
  2. Invoke your right to remain silent: It is within your legal rights to fully exercise your right to remain silent. Politely, but directly, inform the officers that you will not answer any questions without your lawyer present. It is human nature to offer excuses or say things that you believe are not self-incriminating, but any such comments could be twisted to incriminate you. Remember- anything you say can be twisted against you, so maintain your silence. 
  3. Contact a criminal defence lawyer: After your encounter with law enforcement, contact a reputable criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible. If arrested, you have the right to promptly and privately telephone a lawyer. They will guide you through the legal process, protect your rights, and provide necessary legal advice and representation.
  4. Document the encounter: Take note of the officers' names, badge numbers, and any details about the encounter, soon after. This information can be helpful later for your legal defence.